For the madly in love, giggling children,
and everything in between.

For the madly in love, the giggling children, and everything in between.

Life's moments, big or small, are worth

Whether it's a grand wedding, running through the field with your growing family, or the simple joys of everyday life like baking in the kitchen, I find joy in photographing it all. Your life is photogenic because it's your story-and that makes it beautiful


I'm Maddie!

Hey there,

My world is one where photography isn't about stiff poses but the genuine beauty found in every relaxed moment. My approach to posing is all about capturing the authentic you – no forced smiles, no awkward angles, just freezing moments in time.

What sets my approach apart is a genuine connection. I'm not just a photographer; I'm your storyteller, eager to discover your vision and personality. While I have poses, especially crafted for couples, my true magic lies in capturing the unscripted, spontaneous moments—the stolen glances, shared laughter, and the unspoken connection that makes your story uniquely yours. My job is to direct you. 

If you're looking for a photographer who wants to know you and your vision, and make that vision a reality, I'm the girl for you. 

Amazing, me too!

Ready to go beyond traditional poses and embrace the authenticity of natural interactions? 


My photography style is a dance between timeless elegance and candid authenticity—a blend that captures the heart and soul of your moments. I specialize in creating visual narratives that go beyond mere photographs; they're stories frozen in time, waiting to be relived.

If you're scared to get in front of the camera, don't you worry! My job is to make you feel comfortable and confident. Of course, I have poses I'll suggest to make you look your absolute best, but I really love to sit back and observe how you interact with one another and capture you how you naturally are!!

Capturing stories frozen in time, waiting to be relived.

Preserving romance and laughter to last a lifetime.